trailer for the upcoming documentary “Bully”, which will release on March 30th. 

i really wanna watch this movie because i’ve been bullied by others plenty of times in school, and this would be a good way to spread awareness to others (and maybe show the bullies themselves how they’re affecting those they pick on). 

it’s just stupid that it has an R rating, meaning that the younger teens won’t be able to watch it (even if most of the bullying goes on throughout the younger years of school).



Beat Junkies - For The Record (Documentary)

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This is for me and all the females who want to enter this dance game. Niki & Martha are the first females to win juste debout. As a female in a male dominated industry i feel like sometimes its hard to just dance without being sexualized .So watch this and  i hope it inspires you like it has inspired you. P.S guys can watch this to lol .


Avatar: The Last Airbender Documentary


Two things I love: Avatar: The Last Airbender and Documentaries

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