Unlike a lot of my favorite artists, Brandon does not post choreos nearly as often. THat being said, when he does, it is like a precious gift. He always is sure to tell us the meaning of the piece, because anything he posts always has a personal connection to who he is as a person.

Registration is OPEN for theTOUR!!!!!!! All you’ve got to do is log on at any point in time before theTOUR reaches your location and type in my street team code to get a 10% discount!!! =]

Jemarc-Van Axinto - D.C. 

Don’t worry if you’re not going to theTOUR in D.C. You should be able to get the discount nontheless, but if you are having any issues feel free to message me =]   

It’d be a hecka big deal if you guys could use my code! AND You get a discount too so it works for both of us =]. please REBLOG and thank you! 

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